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Adidas? Check. Gold Chain? Check. Boombox? Word! You’re fresh and fly and ready for some dope beats with Hip Hop Hooray, the crew that takes the best of the ’80s and ’90s hip hop tracks and throws down that new level, high-energy shizzle. These guys are some of the baddest musicians around, plus they got one turntable and three MC's! You're gonna groove your laugh off when you see them do their dance…. you dig? If “Humpty Dance,” “You Can’t Touch This,” “Funky Cold Medina,” or “Ice, Ice Baby" doesn’t make you wanna pop, lock, and drop it, you better check yo self before you wreck yo self. It's time to chill out with the music you love in a show that promises to be “Insane in the Membrane!” Shake what your mamma gave you with the homeboys of Hip Hop Hooray. 


Flavian James aka Flava J - Rapper / MC / Hype man / Dancer

FLAVA J is a brotha from another mutha straight out of Carrollton. East side homey A cornucopia of musical influences in his early childhood spearheaded his decision to front as an MC and shred the guitar like EV. Well, it was either that or go to school... sheeeeeeit, homeslice. When Adrock said "if I played guitar I'd be Jimmy page, all the girlies I like are underage" - Flava J simply said "true dat" and that was that. Judging by the 10 inch clock on his neck, Flava J always knows what time it is. Word


"X-man" or "X" for short - Rapper / Dancer

X-man is played by Xavier King. Ye shall cometh and ye will know for where art thou as he perpetrates the situation. Let it be known my brothers and sisters, he moves like rubber and slides like silk. But this X hits the spot like smooth chocolate milk. Word. MJ got moves, but X-man got Damn.... He

floats like a butterfly and stings like a bi-och.



Pedro beaux-laciente. Aka Pretty Boy Lou. Aka Peanut Butta Love. Aka PBL. Rapper/  Dancer

PBL is known as the Latin lover of the bunch. Saving lives in the swimming pool by day. Swooning muey calienté seńorita's at night. Hip hop hoorays resident Rico suave. Smooth and tasty, mo ritmo. Word


White Chedda - Bass / Vox

White Chedda is a bass player extraordinaire. 51% of the bands rhythm and bruise section. B mo has a bachelors degree in psychology so he can mind F-you while he's making your booty shake. B mo ain't skeered to take the mic and throw down some beastie boys neither. B Mo plays guitar and basketball as well and has been known to play the ladies when he's not busy making movies.


Cold Chillin - Drums / Vox

Cold Chillin is the fun lovin' Drummer. He exudes confidence with brutal beats, He crunches corn chips in ostinatos and the dude even types texts in time. Hot Sauce is the other 51% percent of the baddest rhythm section in town. He sometimes goes by the nickname "dress fo less" cause he's a minimalist by nature, after all, it cost less if ya don't wear much... he's fun to have around cause his daddy owns a chicken shack and he's been supplying the band with free chicken wings since 2009.




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