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Business in the front and party in the back? Think again cause it’s all party up in here!


The Mullet Boyz rock the house with the best classic and current pop, rock, dance, and rap. Part comedy show, part choreographed numbers, and all awesome music, The Mullet Boyz brew up a little John Cougar and a lot of Bon Jovi and Billy Squire to concoct a heckuva good time. G Money, Ricky Suave, Rod Hotter, and T-Bird are keeping it krunk with the crazy fun enthusiasm they bring to every show. What they lack in fashion they make up for in passion, so grab a tall-boy and gas up your Trans Am to join Texas’ favorite party rock band. You’ll never look at pork rinds, squeeze cheese, bandanas, or acid wash jeans the same again. 


Donnie "Double D" Daytona- Lead Singer

Donnie's a rocker through and through. His favorite bands are Bon Jovi, Van Halen (not Van Hagar), Skynyrd, Gn'R and Def Leppard. For some musicians, they mark the day of their epiphany as the day they first heard the Beatles, for Donnie Daytona, it was the day he heard Gerardo boastfully singing that he could "eat'em raw like sushi", Donnie knew he had found the answer and instantly began his singing career by putting up a flyer with a picture of himself in the trailer park looking for like minded rockers. His flyer read "if this guy looks badass to you, let's put a band together, we can practice on my mom's porch before she gets home with whats his face"


First Car:                                1976 Trans Am

Favorite Song:                        “Welcome to the Jungle”

Favorite TV Show:                  Dukes of Hazzard / Bevis & Butthead

Favorite Movie:                       Rocky 1

Favorite Book:                        Playboy

Favorite Beer:                        Schlitz (cuz it sounds like a dirty word)

Favorite Food:                        Slim Jim / moon pies / frito pies / yo mamas pies

Favorite Karate Move:            The crain


Rodney Hodrenski - aka "Rod Hotter" 

Drummer & sometimes lead singer / Lead stripper

Rod is committed to Excellence. Excellence is the name of his stripper girlfriend that pays Rods rent. Rod & Excellence have aspirations of opening their very own strip club one day called "Hot Rod's & Excellent Tacos" where they will serve Mexican food and have kickass muscle car showdowns on the weekends. They also want to be the only strippers so they can keep all the 1's to themselves. Rod is an ass kickin’ drummer w/ Burt Reynolds charisma and Hulk Hogan guns. He is a workout-a-holic and teaches existential yoga at the local laundromat as an alternative to lamaze.


Tiberious Wayne Birdville - aka - T-bird 

Lead Guitars & Lead Vocals

T-Bird grew up in Garland Texas and was the best friend of Mike Judge, Creator of "King of the Hill". They have since parted ways as Mike became more interested in profiting off of T-birds misadventures than just hanging out and being cool dammit. T-Bird can't remember when or why he started playing guitar but he remembers applying to Ricky's ad because his natural lisp and outee belly button were misleading his prey. "having a big backseat ain't no fun if'n you're the only one in it" is tattooed in his melon and "ass, gas, or grass" is tattooed on his hiney. He's available anytime on the weekends and after 430 mon-fri (right after he checks in with his Probation officer)


Gregory Van Winkle - aka G$ 

Bass / Rapper

G$ is the 1st cousin of Rob Van Winkles (Vanilla Ice) 2nd step father. Rob's step father divorced Rob's mother and then married Gregory's mom making Gregory & Rob not only 1st cousins but also retarded. Gregory knew that being a legit rapper was gonna be hard with the Van Winkle connection so he created the moniker "G$" and has been cashing in on the trailer parks ever since. G$ was incredibly bitter after the first few of his mom's divorces and it showed up violently in his early songs like "Uncle daddy's as good as dead", "S.O.B. vs S.O.L." & "Flowers for Rose" where he had the chorus "violence is red, violets is blue, I shot your face off". After cold chillin' as the Mullet Boyz main rapper and resident bass player for a few years, G$ has found solace in his buds and a forty ounce can of OE and it has really enlightened his songwriting too. His last 2 singles have hit youtube gold ("Mo money, mo onion rings", "Clownin' make me happy and shit") & his new smash "Pimpin' ain't easy butt it sho iz free" is on it's way to catch up to PSY (just a few more billion hits to go).




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