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Moody, Mesmerizing, and Meaningful.

SEATTLE is a tribute to the most popular grunge bands of the ’90s, such as Nirvana, Sound Garden, Alice In Chains, Pearl Jam, and Stone Temple Pilots. Each band is represented in authentic intensity with a full acoustic set, and then the gloves come off for a powerful, provocative show. The musicians pay homage to these grunge greats, and everyone on stage looks and sounds the part. There’s a reason the word “grunge” came into our vernacular. The music of this era resonated with crowds because these bands got to the gritty core of issues in the ’90s, punctuating their musical poetry with melodies and lyrics we couldn’t get enough of. Grab a beer and your favorite flannel, and kick back with the sensational sounds of SEATTLE.


Bobby Deed Flannel - Vocals

Bobby Deed Flannel grew up in Aberdeen, Washington in a time when artifice was devalued and raw emotion was king. His long time friendship with buzz osbourne from the Melvins kept his passion for all things art alive and flourishing. Bobby Deed continues to write his own original music and collect lyrics in a school binder with stickers from 1993. He refuses to close the book on the 90's and considers it a privilege to be able to honor his lost buddies of yesteryear with this kickass tribute to the SEATTLE music scene.



Gary Cantell - Lead guitar and Vocals

Gary Cantell has been signed and dropped and signed and dropped so many times that the day he signed his last deal he was overheard telling people that he was about to get dropped... 6 weeks later his premonition became truth and at that moment he decided to sink his teeth into what he knew really well... guitar and singing like Jerry Cantrell. He became so good at being Jerry Cantrell that none of us could tell which one was the impostor. If Alice In Chains ever decides to replace Jerry, we will be very nervous around here...


Matthew "spencer" Camera - Drums

Matthew is a hard hitting rhythm machine and gives his all when it's time to perform. On the personal level though, He doesn't want anyone to know that his real name is Spencer, as in the same Spencer that graced the cover of the Nevermind album swimming naked in the pool. "Unfortunately, the water was so cold that day" says Matthew (spencer) as he assures us that he has grown proportionally since then.


Robert Benjamin De'shepard IV - Bass and Vocals

Robert Benjamin De'shepard IV is a walking dictionary when it comes to all things SEATTLE. He is a multi instrumentalist and a music gear connoisseur as he can tell you the exact guitar (including year, date and color) on any track from the grunge era. This comes in very handy when we're trying to replicate the tones of our heroes or when no one else has anything left to say. His tone and presence capture the essence of the seattle sound.



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