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CAUTION: Persons attempting to find a motive in this narrative will be prosecuted; persons attempting to find moral in it will be banished; persons attempting to find a plot will be shot.


These guys bring all the sparkle and glitz that Vegas has to offer with an action packed show from start to finish. One thing’s for sure, The Vegas Stars will have you captivated whether your dancing the night away or just laughing your tail off, we promise you'll be entertained on all levels. Now here's how this epic group began…


As the house band at Bruno’s Lounge in Atlantic City, New Jersey, Rico, Tony and Elvis were making enough money to afford the finer things— ya know, beanbag chairs, toaster strudel, and sometimes Café McDonalds. But, when Rico was caught cheating in a game of strip poker with the owner’s daughter, the regular paycheck came to an abrupt end and Rico and the boys were black balled from the local casino circuit.


When the guys got home that evening, (Rico’s parents house) the windows were dark, the locks had been changed and a note on the garage door (where they all lived) simply read, “Moved to Vegas, love Mom and Dad”. Without considering the possibility of it being a trick, the freeloaders set off for Vegas to track down Rico’s folks.


Traveling faster than 53 mph caused the front end of Tony's van to vibrate so violently they feared it would come apart. To pass time they took turns licking their fingers and sticking them into the cigarette lighter—a game that left Tony with a permanent stutter to this day. Their journey came to a crashing conclusion when the right front wheel hub finally disintegrated. The tire disembarked from the van, bounced over the curb and smashed through the window of the Lucky Star Bar. They'd made it to Vegas!


Unfortuneatly, it wasn't the part of Vegas its Mayor preferred to have splashed on the cover of glossy travel brochures. Broke, hungry and with zero cash to cover the damages, the trio were forced to work off their debt that night. Charlie, the owner of Lucky Star was not so much impressed as he was in need of a way to drown out the noise from the Bingo parlor next door. He told them if they wanted a steady gig they would have to play more variety and not just Bon Jovi covers. They were once again a house band.


Business was good and mic night always attracted a crowd, usually about 4-5 patrons, 2 of whom would sit with their backs to the stage. On one such evening, it appeared someone had left a guitar sitting in one of the chairs. Upon further inspection, Rico realized its owner was actually sitting behind it waiting to be called up to play. His name was Pauly, and although probably the shortest man to ever strum a guitar, his playing instilled instant magic into the band and Now they Believed…


Night after night crowds began to grow and the band became tighter. They knew they wanted to take their flashy show on the road, someplace where they could stand out from the Vegas norm. Tony said, “How bout Texas dude? I heard if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere”. Pauly answered, “That’s New York you idiot”. That’s when Rico replied, “Yea, just like Eli Manning (NY Giants QB). Look how great he does in Texas.” Off they went. Tony inherited the name “Lucky Star” as their band name until Rico complained and said to Tony, “You probably think you’re the single biggest star of this band then huh?” Tony simply smiled while picking up a crumbled tourist brochure that read, Watch the Vegas Stars light up the Sky and win your riches. Fuhgetaboutit. The rest is history…





Elvis "D" Brown

Drums / Vocals

As soon as Elvis caught up on child support he decided to hit the road with the guys. It was either him or Rico's cousin Boom Boom, but Boom Boom couldn't keep his pants on during the shows so Elvis was in. like all of us, Elvis enjoys a good flick. A few favorites being Black Hawk Down, Good Guys wear Black, Meet Joe Black, Men in Black 1,2 and 3, Black Beauty, and 50 Shades of Black. Ladies if your single he's interested in a short term relationship. This guys a beast on the drums


Pawly "Pow" Estah

Guitars / Vocals

Pauly Estah is the bands "Eddie Van Halen" of guitar if Eddie was 4 foot five and just ok. Don't let his size fool ya. He thinks big and packs an even slighty bigger, but smaller than the average little punch. He'd say he's the biggest star of the band but we all know he's just the lil dipper. The chicks dig his Tiger and love his furry chest. Move over guitar hero's, Pawly's ready to roar!



Tony Balone'

Bass Player / Rapper 

Tony Baloney enjoys football, sports books, off track betting, and chunking dice. He's one of the true great handicappers but everybody knows when Tony speaks it's not with a full deck of cards if ya know what I mean. "Siri" is one of Tony's best friends because she always answers him. He's thinking of proposing but she won't give him her number. Early on, Tony played fullback for the New Jersey Polluters. Before Tony played fullback, the position was actually called "half" back but after seeing that Tony had more back than most of humanity, they started calling him a fullback or "The Bootie" as he's better known as. Regardless of all his short comings, the man clearly shreds on the bass. You can't deny this.


Fredrico "Rico" Fruitazelli

Singer / Drummer / MC 

Rico Fruitazelli is well versed in piano, drums, poker and is a third degree black belt in Tae Kwon Don't. Karate kicks and picken up chicks is his favorite pastime. He has an obsession with his hair. However, this could be an insecurity cause theres a rumor going around that he wheres a wig. Rediculous. Rico's claim to fame is that he taught childhood friend Jon Bon Jovi how to fluff his hair the cool way. Many thought he'd be the next soap star while getting his first break in the TV series "One Life Tuh Fuhgetaboutit". He was fired after the trailer released.


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